Thursday, March 25, 2010

New Orleans trip

Okay get ready to be bombarded by pictures of our trip to New Orleans. We went with John on a business trip to New Orleans. It was my first five day trip with the boys. And while Daddy was there he was busy most of the time with meetings. I wish I could have taken some pictures of the chaos I experienced on my first big trip with the two boys. But it is really hard to take pictures when you are juggling two children in a big city. I have to admit that while I look forward to our next trip, i would never want to do our FIRST trip again (there is a major learning curve). Just to give you a glimpse and a laugh at the craziness, here are two stories: On our second day in New Orleans I headed to the aquarium about half a mile from our hotel. I loaded up the double stroller, Bjorn, snacks, diapers etc. It was a chilly morning so we also had hats, jackets etc. Isaac was fussy so I bjourned him (for those of you who don't have kids a bjourn is like a backpack that you wear on your chest and the child rides in it). Grantham was cold and didn't want to walk which surprised me (the next day we realized that his shoes were too small and bought him new ones) so he was riding in the double stroller. Okay on with the point of the story. Isaac on me Grantham in the stroller walking half a mile down the main streets in New Orleans on a Friday afternoon. Everything was going great (I was even thinking maybe I can lose that last 15 pounds of baby fat doing this) when we came to where all the trolleys cross the road. It kind of was like 15 train tracks all in one place on a street. I couldn't figure out how to get the stroller over all the huge tracks. So after a few seconds, I decided to lift up the stroller while holding Isaac on my chest. Needless to say it must have been quit a sight because a homeless man can over to try to "help" me. He kept saying to Grantham "Help your mommy out help your mommy out." Story number 2: Eating breakfast in a hotel buffet style is not easy when you have real plates, glass cups and a baby who can't really sit up without help. Every morning I tried to figure out how to juggle food and drinks for Grantham and myself while holding Isaac. needless to say it took many trips, an awesome son who stayed seated at the table and about an hour each morning. some of the "learning curve" included - Isaac almost falling out of a baby seat he really couldn't sit in, Grantham spilling a plate of food, me juggling two plates two glasses and Isaac all at the same time, Isaac sticking his hands in a lot of our breakfast:) by the end of the trip we had all learned a lot so I can honestly say I am ready for trip number two! Grantham at the aquarium in a sharks mouth
Isaac trying out the new double stroller - if you have two kids and like to travel this sit n stand stroller is a MUST HAVE. I love it and so do both the boys - it allows the younger child to sit or click his carseat into the front and the older child can stand OR sit behind!

Another picture of us before we headed out for the day - Daddy joined us this day so we were able to get a quick picture

Just love this Gerber baby face:)
we went to the insectarium (awesome place if you are ever in new Orleans don't skip it!) Isaac and Daddy in the butterfly exhibit. Not as neat as the one in Indianapolis but a great end to a fun day at the insectarium.
Unsure why the boys both look so BLAH but Daddy is trying a Chocolate chip Cricket cookie

They had an Insect cafe called Bug Appetite. Some of the items on the menu
grantham trying a chocolate covered cricket

grantham also tried a cinnamon sugar mealworm but he ate it so fast I didn't get a picture!
touching a beetle - I was surprised at how brave Grantham was (he also tried to touch a sting ray at the aquarium but he was too short to reach them)
This is what happens when I ask a very active almost four year old to pose - love the face
Just for fun - we do live in Mississippi!
A fake smile after waiting half an hour for Beignets with powdered sugar at Café du Monde. Not a place to go with kids but we wanted Grantham to try one.
Who would loved a fried doughnut with TONS of powdered sugar?
We spent a lot of time in the hotel room just hanging out! Grantham played more with his cars than I had ever seen him do before (thanks Nana for the early birthday gift).

A fun trip with two beautiful boys - oh one more shout out to the hotel we stayed at. If you are ever staying on someone elses budget homewood suites was absolutely wonderful - the staff and people staying there were very friendly, each room has two rooms and a kitchenette, they have a free breakfast and on week nights they provide an evening meal. I highly recommend this hotel if you are traveling with kids!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A surprise for Mommy and Grantham


Grantham has turned into a huge football fan. For as long as I can remember he has always loved balls (even before he turned one). As soon as he had any cordination, he has kicked, thrown, and hit balls of all shapes and sizes. But lately he has decided that he LOVES football. He and his Papa (now known as Daddy but I can't get use to calling him that since he has been Papa to me since before Grantham was born) are always playing football, running, tackling, fumbling, scoring touchdowns and ending with a touchdown dance. But it has developed into a three year old obsession. I think it happened because of the Super Bowl (the Colts Daddy's favorite team made it this year and we threw a small party for the neighbors). Grantham was truely devistated when they lost. I have never seen a three year old so hurt by the lose of a game. It was shocking and heart wrenching all at the same time. Because of where we live, the lose was relived by our son for about a week. At first he would say he didn't like the Colts. Then he would say he never wanted to watch football again. And for a short time he didn't even want to play football with John. He was hurt by everyone else celebrating the lose of HIS team. John and I had been wondering what to get Grantham for his birthday when I came across this great football uniform that included a helmet. Hoping this would help put a positive spin on football we splurged and purchased the outfit on line. The day it arrived we also received a package from my mommy. I told Grantham "Nana sent you a package with some surprises for you like new clothes" He was so excited that he asked to bring the package inside as soon as we arrived home. Sure I said. I opened the door but as Grantham was dragging in the packages - my mom called, the noodles for lunch started boiling over and Isaac decided to cry. Needless to say it was not one of the greatest moments at our house. Grantham might have asked to open the package or maybe he just assumed that it was for him and he could open it (I am not really sure). But the next thing I know he is running into the kitchen with the biggest grin on his face yelling "It's a helmet Mommy" I must have over reacted when I said "What a helmet? You were suppose to open that package." because he start saying sorry and I don't want it ect. I felt horrible but honestly I was shocked that the outfit had arrived so quickly and that he was able to open the box so quickly/easily. When I finally hung up the phone, turned off the burner and calmed down, I apologized for over reacting and told Grantham that Daddy and I had meant the outfit/helmet to be a surprise for his birthday. Grantham graciously offered to have me put it away until his birthday, but after talking with John about the whole situation we decided to let him have an early birthday gift. That night when John came home we let Grantham open the box and try on his new football uniform. It turned out to be for the best - he loves the uniform and tells everyone he likes the colts "GO COLTS!" He could careless that they lost and proudly shows eveyone his new gift. It just reminds me that God uses everything for good!!! Our Proud Son showing off his new helmet! This is how he poised when I ask him to let me take a picture of him with his new helmet.

Showing off his muscles in his football uniform. Like father like son - I am pretty sure there are a few pictures of John like this when he was a little older than Grantham. Grantham may be a great football player but he is all heart!
I quick smile for Mommy and then back to growling and flexing his muscles. The helmet slept in his room with him for a few days before it found a place in the playroom. He really loved his surprise birthday gift.
Even though it is not quite Grantham's four year old birthday yet, I am going to write a few notes about who he has become over the past year (so I can remember for his scrapbook)
Grantham is full of energy and heart. Whether he is throwing a fit or loving on his brother or playing ball, everything he does he put every ounce of himself into it. Making one of his greatest strengths also one of his greatest challenges. He loves to ask deep questions about space, God, bad guys, or anything else that intrigues him that day. One of his favorite activities is "chasing bad guys." He can create a weapon out of anything (my favorite is an old poster that he tore and taped until he made it look like a sword). Grantham has an amazing memory. He will bring up something that John and I have completely forgotten about and ask questions about it OR talk about someone and describe them by what they wore a week ago. We are using that memory to teach him scripture (but he can learn and remember it so much faster than we can). He continues to amaze us daily with how quickly he learns and applies what he knows. He has started asking what specific words are and identifying them by their first and last letters (most of the time he is guessing but he does usually have the correct beginning and ending sounds). He can write most of his letters although some of them are hard to identify and he is frustrated by that. He enjoys watching TV (especially Super Why and Word World). He went to his first movie (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs) right before Isaac was born and loved it. We sometimes have a special movie night at home complete with popcorn, m and ms and a full length kids movie. It is a big hit with him. Grantham also started school this year and loves it. His teachers often tell me how much they "love Grantham." (I can't wait for Parent/teacher conferences to see how he is really doing) Grantham continues to be VERY social. He loves to spend time with friends and will often asks me if he can play with someone "not in our family." He enjoys kids of all ages and always searches out a "friend" wherever we are. OUr biggest surprise has been how well he interacts with his baby brother (he says he wants 6 sisters and 4 more brothers). We often have to remind him of personal space when it comes to Isaac. He wants to show him everything and love on him constantly. If I say I need to do something or get something for Isaac, it is not uncommon for Grantham to get it or do it first. It is such a blessing! Grantham has moved from being a toddler to a little boy to a big brother. WOW time really does pass too quickly! I am so proud of how he has grown.

Just Because your Beautiful - Isaac

I decided to change January/February Part 2 into two blogs. One on Grantham and one about Isaac. Mostly because the second child seems to always have the first child in his space:) Also I have some beautiful pictures of our very happy go lucky child. Isaac is the child strangers stop you and say is he always so happy? Yes most of the time Isaac is a joy and if he isn't smiling you know something is wrong (usually tired or hungry). Here are some of my favorite pictures: This is Isaac's favorite seat (or mommy's favorite place to put him). The sofa where he can see all that is going on and be at eye level with most of the action. Also until a few weeks ago he would "stay put" in the space between the two sofa cushions. Lately he is wanting to sit up on his own instead of leaning back. This causes him to endup face first on the sofa. Time to find a new favorite seat!
This beautiful picture was taken so there would be a picture of Isaac along with the other pictures of our family that we have displayed. Needless to say I still have that on my "to do" list! But I do love the picture!

My mom (Nana) came to visit us for the first time since Isaac was six weeks old. I think she was surprised at how much he has changed. I love this picture we captured of the two of them.

I love this picture for two reasons. One I LOVE this hat that Katy (my sisterinlaw) made. It was originally made for Grantham but he was never able to wear it. Isaac on the other hand wears it almost daily! Also it reminds me of my brother (Katy's husband). How special to have a picture of my brother's "twin" wearing a hat his wife made:)
At five months, Isaac continues to bring joy to our family. He loves to smile and laugh. He is very ticklish especially on his right side. Isaac never misses an opportunity to interact with his big brother. His favorite time of day is dinner time. He joins us for each meal (talking, laughing and interacting with all of us as he sits in his high chair). Who would have known that a baby could bring such joy as he communicates in his own way. I can't wait to see who God has planned for this little one to grow and develop into. Each day is such a blessing!