Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Card

In order to save a little money so we could donate it to a local charity for the holidays, we decided to cut back and send out ecards for Christmas. Since we do not have everyone's email address we decided to post our pictures and letter on our blog and facebook too. I know it is a little cheesy but with a new baby it has worked out for the best! Hope you enjoy our Christmas ecard.Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010. The Pulcinis have had a busy year. Our biggest news of 2009 was the birth of our second child – Isaac John Pulcini on September 24th. He has been a blessing from God, laid back and full of smiles. Grantham, who is now three, is growing and discovering new things each day. He started pre-school two days a week and is thriving as he learns to write his letters and numbers – though being 100% boy, he mostly enjoys “racing the other racers” in the gym. In addition, he is taking his role as ‘big brother’ very seriously and loves dancing, singing and playing with his little brother. John is enjoying his Allergy-Immunology Fellowship which is rapidly coming to an end in June 2010. His growing interest and research in pediatric food allergy has become recognized by many of his colleges in the allergy world. He is looking forward to a career treating allergic diseases in children and adults. Tabitha is busy being a “stay-at-home” mom of two young boys (which as anyone who has children knows – does not involve staying at home much). She is active in our church Sunday school, the spouses of medical residents/fellows group, along with fitting in a little time once in a while for her favorite past-time: scrapbooking. If you would like to keep up with our family, we have a blog at We would love to hear from you and hope you enjoy celebrating the birth of our King, Jesus Christ.
Merry Christmas
Love, John, Tabitha, Grantham and Isaac

Friday, December 18, 2009


I hate to admit it but I am seriously slacking when it comes to taking pictures. We have been planning on getting professional pictures done but still have not found the time, maybe after Christmas. Here are a few pictures from when we went to see Santa.
Santa was wonderful! He ask Grantham what he wanted to which Grantham replied Swords. They talked a little bit about Christmas magic and a book Grantham has about Santa. Then before we left Santa reminded Grantham to obey his mom and dad the first time. What a great reminder for a little boy who is easily distracted by all the "gimmes" that this time of year encourages! I also realized how little we have talked about Santa until this year. Grantham was kind of in the dark. It has been fun for him to discover a few facts about Santa and the naughty and nice list! While all these new discoveries have been fun, I hope we still continue to emphasize the importance of Jesus' birth over the holiday that has been taken over with by Santa. We wish you all a very Merry Christmas as you celebrate this wonderful time of year with family and friends!