Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hot Dog Days at the Zoo

The days have definitely been "dog hot." But this particular Saturday in July, the weather was beautiful and the zoo was sponsoring a Hot Dog Day with cheap hot dogs, chips, sodas and ice cream. While the zoo was packed and it was hard to enjoy the animals, the food was cheap and good. As you can tell from the pictures, Hot Dog Day was a huge hit with the Pulcini boys (I think that they each ate three)!One of Isaac's favorite foods is hot dogs. He often can't eat the bun but the hot dog inside always brings a grin! This is number two of three for this one and a half year old.
Papa ate his share of hot dogs too!
Even our pickiest eater enjoyed a huge meal of hot dogs today.
Pointing out the giraffes to Mom
Boys enjoying some bonding time:)