Saturday, March 12, 2011

Florida with Grandma and Pepaw

Enjoying the spoils of a meal cooked together
Waiting to get into Disney Epcot

So excited to meet Mickey again

Isaac was not so sure about Goofy but Grantham loved meeting all the characters - we had NO line and were lucky enough to be the second people in line for the day

Isaac dancing with Grandma - when you stepped on the musical instruments pictures on the floor they played a song - Isaac and Grantham could have stayed here all day

One of the things Grantham was most looking forward to on this trip was a visit to the Lego store - he could have spent our life savings in the store!

Checking out the Lego wall

Creating a Lego man - SO FOCUSED

Too cute picture of Isaac waiting for Grantham while he was in the Lego store

Enjoying the pool

Meeting an astronaut at the Kennedy Space Center

Trying out a rover on the moon

Talking with a retired astronaunt

Past rocket ships

Putt-putting with Pepaw for the first time

Pepaw teaching Isaac how to putt

Cute picture with Grandparents at the end of the trip