Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beach Life

We had so much fun at the beach in Gulf Shores, AL. We honestly didn't know what to expect, but the beach was beautiful! Grantham was a great age to go. He loved the ocean but still had a healthy respect for the danger of the waves. Each morning we got up and went straight to the beach, headed in around 10:30am (it was VERY hot), and returned to the beach each evening from 6pm to 9pm. The temperature was wonderful both on the beach and in the water. Grantham could have stayed there for weeks and never been tired of the huge sandbox and cool waves. The one thing he kept telling people is that if they don't close their mouths when a wave comes that they will get salty water all in their month (he speaks from experience:) ). This was an exciting and yet restful weekend. I wish we would have had more time!
Grantham and John waiting for the waves to get their feet.

Burying Grantham in the sand
Playing in the waves with Papa (I don't know if you can see in this picture but the waves were huge)
Every time when arrived at the beach this is what Grantham did. Why? Who know that is the question I ask about guys all the time. Grantham being goofy with Papa. They both had to have goggles for the swimming poolNo reason for this picture but boy does it show Grantham's personality. Silly, silly boy
You can't really tell from this picture but we rode a car ferry on our way back from the beach trip.
John and Grantham checking our the captain of our ship (car ferry).