Sunday, August 30, 2009

School Days

If you are connected to my Facebook, you already know this. Grantham had a wonderful first day of "school." We decided that it was time for Grantham to be in a structured environment besides home. With the baby on the way, I knew I could use some down time and Grantham could use some special attention. Convincing Grantham that school was going to be fun was a challenge at first. he kept saying that he just wanted to stay home with Mommy and snuggle. Such a sweet thought but so far from reality of what would really happen:) Anyway, he goes two days a week for about 3 hours. With two days under our belts, the first day being wonderful and the second day a little of a struggle, we are hopeful that "school" is the right fit for our family. Below are a few first day of school pictures. Showing off his new backpack that he picked out.I love the pictures of the kids walking away (either to the bus or into the school). Since Grantham and I walked into school together the first two days, I took this picture to mimic the walking away pictures:) Still adorable even though it was staged!Grantham went straight into class and began working/playing. Even though there were other kids crying around him, he seemed unaffected. He even asked another little boy who was crying if he wanted to play with him. He gave me a kiss goodbye, waved once and went right back to work. I am such a proud Mommy!!!! I hope everday is that easy. When I picked him up, he ran right to me and said " I had fun." (code words for I will try this school thing out again)
A few pictures just because:
Grantham's first person drawing. While we waited to see the OB, we pulled out the crayons to write on the paper covering the exam table. Usually we draw letters or I draw balloons but today Grantham decided to draw someone with a big belly (wonder who that could be:) ). I was quite surprised. This is totally his creation without any direction from me. I had never seen him draw a person before.
Grantham loves helping his dad mow the lawn. Thanks to the man across the street they were able to have a special treat and use a riding lawn mower. If you look closely Grantham is mowing by himself (there are circles all over the lawn)!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Preparing for the new baby

It seems like this baby has snuck up on us. We are less than five weeks away from our due date. The last few weeks we have really focused on getting ready for our new little boy!
Everyone has been asking for belly shots. We usually only take bare belly shots- I hope no one is offended. This is from the end of June. Grantham is helping his daddy out by taking a really close shot:)Painting the baby's room was a family affair.So proud of his G (that Mommy helped him paint)You can't really tell but Grantham is painting the walls white. He had so much more fun than John and I expected.A tradition we started with Grantham's first room. Painting the baby's name on the wall (of course when you see the final results the name will be painted over) STAY TUNED for the final results of the baby's room. We were very happy and surprised with the end results!
Grantham took a siblings class at the hospital. We were quite impressed with all he learned and saw. He learned how to change a diaper, hold a baby and bottle, and even saw a newborn baby get its first bath!
Not too trilled with us photographing while he practiced feeding the babySuch a good big brother already:)
Getting his award for completing the classHis completion certificate= they told him that it meant he was ready to be a big brother now

We ARE Potty Trained

I feel about Potty training Grantham the same way I feel about being pregnant. The whole family is in it together:) I was hoping we would have an easy time because Grantham is so verbal and he has been showing "signs" of being ready for about 2 years. God definitely had to be smirking in heaven. This has been the hardest stage so far. We tried every suggestion ANYONE made from M&Ms to going naked all day. To make a miserable story short, we had to turn to major disciplining and removal of all things fun (sometimes I felt more punished than Grantham seemed to be). But after a week we were able to return many of his toys and privileges; we even started a reward sticker chart. Two months later you would never guess the child had any problems potty training at all. He is totally self sufficient and has not had an accident in weeks (even at night). I am including some fun pictures of Grantham and some of the rewards he earned for going to the bathroom and days without any accidents. We invested quite a bit of money BUT are thrilled with the results!!!!

The first time we peed in the potty we went for a huge reward: build a bear- anything he wanted there!Washing our new puppy friendAnother reward- the bungy jumpers at the mall - this made me nervous at first but HEY when you are bribing it needs to be something the child wants;)He had so much fun; he used this three times for his reward. If you have never tried it and are nervous like me don't be. It was great fun and very safe.Total exhaustion after about 10 minutes of funGattitown (similar to Chucky cheese for those of you who don't have kids)- another one of those rides only a boy would love. Later we saw three preteens screaming on this ride. Grantham laughed and waved the whole time.Bowling with his best bud in MississippiAlready to be a big brother- look at that bossiness
John and I really enjoyed all the rewards don't get me wrong but with our next child we will start training a little earlier and not "wait until they are ready." A phrase many people used to tell us potty training is easy HAHA.