Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Brother to the Rescue

Help the Bad Guys are after me . . .Who will save this too cute baby (I love this face - I wish I knew what he was thinking)Big Brother to the Rescue!!! Maybe he will make a good sidekick one day
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My Thirty-something Birthday

Okay truth be told this blog will be more about Isaac than me:) For a very small few of you this will not be new news, for the rest of you sorry but sometimes we just choose to be private people about our family struggles (we love to share joys but we choose to learn through trials privately)! On with the blog . . . As you can see from the picture my birthday "cake" this year was a little disappointing. That could just be a reflection on the fact that my sweet husband is not a cook - but not this year. About five weeks ago, we found out that Isaac is allergic to diary, eggs and peanuts. How you ask? The child is only eight months old when did he eat these things? He hasn't. We had been struggling with a moderate case of eczema (dry skin) on Isaac's legs and face BUT one of the patches on his chin had developed into an open sore. John had tried all kinds of meds to help heal the sore but nothing seemed to be working. Being an allergist John thought it was probably an allergic reaction but I just thought he was reading allergies into his sons issues (if you work with people who have allergies all day, you see everything as allergies - my thoughts not John's). Anyway after a month with no luck healing Isaac's face I gave in and went to see one of the allergists John works with. She agree with John's diagnoses of allergies, prescribed some meds, and asked to skin test Isaac. I referred to John and he wanted to test him. Long story short, Isaac had a very strong reaction to diary and egg. This has required me to eliminate diary, egg and peanuts from my diet so that I could continue to nurse. So the above picture is a reflection of taking out egg, diary and nuts. Name brand Oreos are a safe food (we have since discovered a good number of recipes for making cakes, etc.) For me this is a memory I wanted to blog about, so I could remember my shock, people who were a huge support, and how far God has brought us. We do not know how severe Isaac's reaction will be once he is old enough to try these foods but for now we are not allowing him OR me to eat any of the allergic foods. We will re-evaluate as time goes on. For all you moms who are living with a food allergy - our hearts go out to you - even with all the positive changes to the food industries, life is not easy. My husband is learning first hand what his patients are going through when they are diagnosed with a food allergy. My favorite story: I had tried to buy some needed diaryfree, eggfree, nutfree products from three different grocery stores in town. Their reaction was all about the same ("what they make stuff like that" as they made a gagging face). So John had to go to a store here in town called Rainbow Grocery. It is a Vegan restaurant (that we have come to love). He came home with six different blocks of "cheese" for me to try. He was so excited that he found something I could eat; I think he bought entire store's supply of Vegan cheese. Needless to say, I cut all cheese type products out of my diet (soy/toff cheese does NOT smell nor taste anything like cheese) :) I have to warn you as you look at the pictures below - Isaac had been refusing to eat anything but breast milk. I gave him (what you are about to see) thinking he would just play with it as he has all other solid foods/baby foods. As you are about to witness, HE LOVED THE _______. Please don't look if you are in as much shock as I am that I allowed my second son sweets before his first birthday. I am afraid all my friends were telling me the truth when they smiled and said "ohh that will all change when you have your second child."
No that is not mud all over his faceThe left overs of Isaac's first experience with an Oreo cookie ;)
Happy and content . . . What do I tell people now when they ask "What have you been feeding that boy?" SHHH it is our little secret!

Thursday, May 20, 2010


With another move close at hand and all the craziness that goes with buying and selling a home, we have been trying to find time to just hang out as a family. Enjoying time together in our rental house (for those of you who don't know we closed on our MS house April 30th but because of God's awesome grace the family who bought it from us is allowing us to rent it back from them for two months)! My boys love to play together. Today we were playing Fisher Price Little People - the old kind we use to play with when we were little;)
Watching . . .

Watching . . .

Finally he's not looking. Now it is my turn to play!
Who wouldn't love a smile like that!?!
Matching outfits - thanks Nana - we love to match!
Today our pleasure is Legos -
Sorry this picture didn't get flipped - Grantham showing off his space ship Atlantis - we are really into space these days.
Isaac showing off how he can knock down any tower Big brother can build for me.
Every boy needs a brother to play with ;)

Catching up - Grantham's birthday Party

Grantham had a sports birthday party this year. We sent out invitations that looked like sports tickets and spray painted the backyard to look like a football stadium. The kids made sports bookmarks, decorated sport spaced cookies, designed pennants, competed in sport events like throwing footballs, hitting golf balls, and shooting baskets. Every child received a metal for their "best" event. And we ended the party with hot dogs and birthday cake on the 50 yard line. Overall the party was a huge success (Grantham played his heart out - notice how sweaty he is). The sign on our front lawn -welcoming the guest to the party
designing pennants

making bookmarks

Isaac hanging out with a neighbor. He loves sitting with Mrs. Rowena (we will really miss her when we leave MS). So glad he was happy and I was thankful, it was hard to throw a party and keep up with a seven month old.
Eating hot dogs (trying to cool off in the shade) Cake Time - This picture is summarizes Grantham at FOUR!
A group shot, just for fun

Catching up - Isaac 7 months

Isaac turned 7 months in April - He is the most content baby. For me, having two has been so much easier than one. My two boys adore each other (Isaac never seems to get enough of his brother and Grantham is always willing to help if it helps his little brother "bubby")It is hard to believe that seven months has already passed. Where has time gone? You are sitting up, interacting with your big brother, learning how to get peoples attention with a smile or quiet squeal, but most amazing is how content you are in whatever situation you are placed in (except your crib)! God has a special plan for you and I am so glad that He has allowed our family to be apart of your life. "You are beautiful my sweet, sweet son!"

Catching up - Memphis Trip

March 20th - John's whole family met in Memphis TN for a fun get together for Spring Break. It was a little crazy with 18 of us trying to stay together, but we managed to conquer the zoo, Children's museum and hang out a little at the hotel (eating, playing and swimming). Grantham and Isaac loved spending time with their cousins! The Memphis Zoo is awesome. If you ever have a chance to visit do! You won't be sorry!
Spending special time with Cousin Kristen and Auntie Michelle.

Finding time to hang out with Bubby too!

Everyone's favorite exhibit - The Panda's I love that Grantham and the Panda bear seem to be copying each other as they eat. I forgot to add the picture of Isaac and the panda. Isaac watched the panda so closely like he was trying to figure him out.

Auntie melanie bought all the kids pandas. Isaac LOVED his.
We had another little party for Grantham's fourth birthday. The older cousins hanging out eating birthday cookie!
Isaac and his Pepaw - "Happy, Happy, Happy man" as his Daddy would say - This baby is always content and ready with a smile!

Catching Up - Birthday

here is the last catch-up post . . . Grantham's 4th birthday was march 17. Because the house was on the market we did not have his party until midApril but I didn't want him to "suffer" (if you have read the other posts you know that that was not the case - but you know Mommy's love to spoil their kids!). On his birthday morning Grantham had a birthday donut - instead of cake. Grantham has really decided that good guys must fight evil at our house EVERY DAY! With some of his birthday money (thanks Auntie melissa) he went to a local children's store and bought himself a mask to keep his identity a secret like dash. Daddy had to get in on the fun too;)