Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The Pulcinis are moving up with cable internet instead of dial-up we are ready to keep in touch with the world. With a recent move to Mississippi, our lives feel a little topsyturvy (boxes are still litering the house, there are no pictures on the walls, schedule What is THAT?). I am in a constant internal debate about if I should keep the house "clean" or unpack the boxes that are still piled up. With the high possiblity of moving again in two years, I am begining to wonder if my mother-in-law and sister-in-law are not on to something when they ask me, "Why are you unpacking? The more you leave packed up the less you will have to do in two years." Oh well, I am sure that I will laugh at this when I look back on it in a few months.
Our lives are pretty normal just with new surroundings. John is working at the hospital. He seems to like the allergy/immunology group and the hours are SOOO much better as a fellow than as a resident. I am busy chasing after Grantham who has offically entered the terrible twos (so far we have only managed to isolate ourselves from new people - everyone we meet usually gets a good knock in the head or if they are lucky a punch on the arm). I keep telling myself that other moms understand but from the looks we get I am not so sure. Hopefully this "stage" will end quickly. Grantham and I are keeping busy discovering the town (McDonalds, Chickfila, The Natural Science museum). Have you noticed a trend - everywhere we go is inside. Yes, it is HOT here. In Indianapolis, people hide out for the winter. Here people hide out in the summer. No joke you can start sweating just from walking from your house to your car in the garage. Grantham and I were determined when we first moved to play outside. Within five minutes Grantham was beat red and so sweaty that I thought he had figured out how to turn the water hose on himself. Needless to say we are learning how to stay cool (check back later to see how).
Thanks for checking in with us as we start a new chapter in our lives!