Saturday, April 30, 2011

Misc. April

Having fun and hanging out in April.As John would say, "Harvard, here we come." We can't seem to help Isaac understand that he keeps putting this space hat on backwards. So he bumps around the house trying to see out of the bottom of the hat instead of looking through the clear visor that should be in the front. Funny Boy! Maybe he can get into college with his adorable smile? (Peek)

Grantham continues to excel in sports of all kinds. This was a class field trip to a TaeKwonDo clinic. John was able to get off work and go with him. Other parents were commenting about how impressive he was and that he must have taken lessons before (no one knew John was his dad - it was a proud day for John)! While this was Grantham's first experience, we will probably try out some classes in the Spring. He had a great time!

This Spring we tried out baseball (tball). We had a wonderful Christian coach who taught Grantham A TON. Grantham continues to dominate with his left hand when it comes to sports, even though he is righty when he writes. The sport was less active than we had hoped but Grantham had a great time and made a lot of new friends.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Easter Morning Doing my own thing?
Posing for Nana's camera

Dying Easter eggs - a fun tradition at Nana's house

Isaac's first time to get in on the fun

The "pro" showing us how it is done

The beginning of a VERY big mess - Isaac created beautiful eggs and . . .


- it took soaking his hands in bleach and a bath to get most of the color off

- I know my mom never let us have "this much fun" :)

Isaac caught on really fast to the game of hiding and finding eggs. He had no clue there was anything inside the eggs but he loved hunting for them and collecting them in his basket!

Grantham had a blast hunting for eggs. After he was done finding his, he helped some other younger children. It warms my heart to see him caring and helping others.

Reaching deep behind a tree to retrieve an egg (we hide them really well).

A hot but successful afternoon of Easter egg hunting

Starting a new tradition - making reserection rolls the night before Easter

Hard at work in the kitchen Making a yummy mess - they were a huge success for breakfast the next morning

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Grantham's 5th Pirate Party

Grantham decided to have a "boy" birthday party. He invited 8 of his friends that were boys. Nana, Pawpaw and Auntie Kara came to help with the party. Grantham designed his own cake. Drawing a picture for me to copy for his birthday cake - I was pretty impressed with his ideas (the orange is an octopus leg coming out of the ocean to grab the treasure).

As guests arrived, they created flags and decorated treasure chests.

Isaac and Pawpaw even created a flag:)

Time for cake and ice cream - Grantham blowing out his candles.

Let the treasure hunt begin - Daddy lead his band of pirates to attack the boat with water balloon cannons.

After boarding the boat, they attacked the "bad guys" (balloons) with swords (bambam sticks). They cornered them and put them in the holding cell.

A loose cannon was found (hot potatoe), the losers had to walk the plank. The winner discovered a treasure map!

Grantham walking the plank!

Down the stairs as they followed the treasure map.

Finding the missing piece of the map proved to be a challenge . . .

on they searched through a tunnel, over the river and around the cannons

Until they found the X that marked the spot. Hidden under some pillows was a treasure chest full of "goodies." The loot was divided up for each guest/pirate and they took them home in their treasure chests.

Enjoying a pirate game that Grantham received at his party.