Monday, February 15, 2010

January/February Part 1

Okay I am a little behind again on my blogging. But I just can't get the hang of putting both boys down to a nap/rest time at the same time (okay maybe it is not me but them- I laugh because I seriously thing they are tag teaming me-when one goes down the other is up). So today I decided Isaac would "help" me with the blog because I can't get any further behind or I will never catch up!Grantham wanted to show everyone how much bigger he is than Isaac. We have had a lot of dinner time discussions about how Isaac will never be older than Grantham but that does not mean he will not one day be bigger. At Isaac's four month appointment he was 16 pounds- Grantham barely tips the scales at 30. It won't be long before Grantham is yelling Mom get him off of me:) But for now Grantham wants proof that he is bigger and older!Grantham loves his brother and visa versa. John says it amazes him how they are so in touch with each other at such a young age.Isaac trying rice ceral for the first time. It was not a success as you can see from the pictures.Next we tried oatmeal -still not Happymoving on to peas - do we have a picky eater already? - the faces are priceless - but I don't think they will be calling on Isaac to fill in for the gerber baby any time soon;)I am starting with the end picture first because it has a story behind it (and I want to prove after the story that John and I are NOT too horrible of parents). It snowed 5-6 inches in MS on Friday. More snow than the state has seen since 1960. John was so excited to reintroduce Grantham to snow (he has seen snow before but doesn't remember). We were a little ill-equiped (unsure how to spell that); Grantham wore rain boots and I had to "pressnseal" around a pair of knit mittens to keep the wetness out. The boys were up bright and early playing in the snow. After an hour, Grantham had his fill. They came in to warmup. A few minutes later the neighbor kids came by to ask Grantham to play. Even though he was still cold and wet Grantham did not want to miss out on the fun. 30 more minutes and all the fun was over for Grantham but we realized we had no pictures of everyone. That is when the craziness begins as we beg Gratham to stay out just longenough for us to take ONE picture. He refused and we beg until finally I grabbed him and tryed to hold him in the picture -needless to say he was escaping as the shot was taken. Below are pictures to prove he was having fun the first hour or so!Grantham has on blue rain boots that come up to his knees but you can't see them because of all the snow.Throwing the huge snow ball from the picture before. The snow was perfect for packing!The bottom of one of the snowmen John and Grantham built. They were all as tall as John! This one had the bottom snowball as tall as Grantham.John called this our Mississippi sled. It was a boogie board we rescued out of our neighbor's trash at the end of the summer. John was VERY embarrassed but hey it worked great for our sled! The second snowman John built. The first one fell over as I ran in to get the camera and help Grantham get out of his wet clothes. Needless to say Grantham would not take a picture with his dad, so I wrapped Isaac up for a quick picture. He did not play in the snow but we at least have proof he saw his first snow.

I couldn't resisted adding this close-up. Isaac in Grantham's hat and gloves too beautiful. GOD IS GOOD! (By the way John is laughing because his second attempt at a snowman just took a nose dive in the snow)
Part 2 of january February will be added tonight. Isaac is DONE helping me with this blog WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!