Sunday, September 19, 2010

11 months old

Two beautiful pictures of the boys: Nana made these cute matching outfits for the boys. I can't believe how grown up they are!
I know this picture looks the same as the one above, but look how sweet their hands are (holding on to one another). Grantham is such a WONDERFUL big brother.
Isaac at 11 months - babbling all the time - making all kinds of sounds - we are expecting him to start talking any day now (says mummm "mama", bu bu "brother", bba "ball" or anything round, puuuu and pants heavily for "dogs") - walking/running everywhere while holding on to someone's finger (we know he can let go but are not encouraging it) - loves to do exactly what brother does (just starting to be a little annoying to brother) - eating all kinds of food but still likes baby food - trying to drink from a sippy cup - still loves to nurse, especially before rest time - crawling up steps - throws balls to people - puts everything in his mouth (seems to especially like acorns?) - has six teeth

Isaac's first Haircut

When Mommy saw this picture of me, she finally gave into Daddy's request to give me a haircut.
Two days later at Nana's house, the before pictures were taken.

Another before picture
And the haircut began . . .
Oh NO Mommy just a little off the top!

Isaac did wonderfully and Mommy was so relieved.
A few sweet after shots - I do agree with John that he looks so much better with his haircut. But doesn't he look more grown up too, I am not ready for my baby to grow-up.
Aren't the flowers beautiful

Another boy who LOVES being outdoors!

Monday, September 13, 2010

walking and crawling all in one

Not long after we moved . . . Isaac decided to start crawling. One day he was sitting on the floor watching everyone, the next day he was pulling himself around with his arms dragging his legs behind and then he just started crawling on all fours. I don't know if we even have any video of the funny army crawl; it all happened so fast.

Love the toe point. I think because he started crawling so quickly, he kept changing how he wanted to crawl (on all fours, a bottom scoot or this way with on foot to the side using the other three to crawl)

Oh did I forget to mention six days after he started crawling, he got up and started cruising around the house (hanging on to walls, boxes, chairs). What child goes from sitting stationary to walking in seven days? I guess it is time to look into kid gates again:)

Can you tell he is proud of himself!?! Love this little boy!

Biking with Daddy

We love to go biking as a family (well before Isaac was born anyway). John decided that it was time to try Isaac in Grantham's old seat. While John said that Isaac's head kept hitting the back of the seat (thank goodness for helmets), the first bike ride was a success. Now if we can just find a new neighbor who would let me borrow their bike (thanks Mr. Kenneth)! After a long hard ride;)
My boys (always ready and posed to fight off "bad guys.")

Sunday, September 12, 2010

What the Pulcini's do while moving

Okay so I told John after our last move (#6 in nine years) that I would not move again unless we had professional movers. While it wasn't as great as I was hoping it did leave us more time for enjoying goofing off instead of packing! Here are some of our "extra" time pictures:) Grantham has always enjoyed being placed in the laundary basket but this was Isaac's first experience. I think he enjoyed himself!
I love the hands in the air like he is on a roller coaster.

legos consumed a lot of the three days that the packers and loaders were getting us ready to move. I didn't realize how unchild friendly movers were. Every where we were we seemed to be in the way. We found a little corner in the dinning room behind boxes that had already been packed and built many Lego creations. Also we put Isaac in the bathroom for his naps ( I wish I would have gotten a picture of that). It was the only "safe" place - your home is not your own when professional move you - they can walk into any room at any time to move a box or pack your stuff. A very strange experience that I am greatful for (in hours they packed what would have taken me months).
While waiting for our stuff to arrive, Grantham showed his artistic abilities with blue tape on the floor:)
A closer look at a "budding" artist. I wish I would have written it down but I think he told me it was an angel.
The artist and his work of art
More entertainment - can you tell what this is? Grantham found my camera. I won't show you all 200 plus pictures he took but this is one of my favorites.
Is this called a self portrait? Another of the camera pictures
Finally our stuff arrives and the boys decide to "dress up." This picture makes me smile - you can just tell how much they love each other!
Grantham was such a good sport through this whole move. He just rolled with the punches. One day while I was unpacking he "prepared" a show for me. This is a few pictures of the hour long show he performed when I took a break from packing:) Future BLACKMAIL - I think so;)
My boy loves music!

Saying Goodbye to Mississippi Friends

It is so hard to say Goodbye to Friends. We hope to keep in touch with all of you! I have no clue why this picture would not turn but I tried to download it twice without any luck? Some of the kids from the allergy/immunology group that John trained with. We wouldn't have survived without them!
We had two of the GREATEST teenagers living across the street from us in MS. William and Sarah you are always welcome at our home. They made Grantham feel like a KING. He thinks everyone should want to play with him no matter what their age. It always made me smile to watch them play Grantham tried to keep up with them no matter what the activity - baseball, soccer, scootering. In fact the first few weeks we lived in SC, Grantham kept insisting that we go knock on our neighbors doors. He was convinced that EVERYONE wanted to play with him:) This picture is one that Grantham drew of William:)
Having fun with another neighbor. These two called each other brother and sister. It was great for both of them!
Enjoying one of our last nights in MS! Come visit us; we miss all of you!!!!