Saturday, January 29, 2011

Monster Trucks

John and Grantham had a father/son night out on the town. They took on the monster trucks at the BI-LO center. Grantham has become facinated by smashing and crashing and John loved going with one of his childhood friends as kids. We bought front and center tickets; we thought this would be a huge success . . .The arena This is the face says it all - John put ear plugs and ear muffs on Grantham to try to block out the noise but nothing made him happy
Grantham's favorite part was sitting in the concessions outside the arena eating popcorn, watching the trucks on the TV and purchasing this Lego monster truck (which he used to re-enact the show over and over again as if he loved it). Note to parents: NOT something we will be wasting our money on again - definately not Grantham's "thing"

Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow in SC - really???

Greenville received 6 -10 inches of snow in early January. The town had NO idea how to cope with that much snow. Thankfully the Pulcinis had just gotten back from skiing and were well equiped - but BOY WAS IT COLD! Grantham trying to scrap off the driveway - after living in IN for 6 years we learned that you have to clear off the driveway the first day it snows or you will be sorry (It was funny seeing our neighbors out three days later with pick axes trying to break the ice)

Isaac ready to face the cold

Mommy and Isaac trying to walk

Building a snowman with Daddy

TA-DA the final creation - berries for hair, Ritz crackers for eyes/noses, balloon for a mouth

Isaac watching from the window - it proved to be too cold for this little boy

Monday, January 3, 2011

Just Hanging out in January

Helping Mommy clean - one of my boys "fun" activities - hope they never grow out of wanting to help!

Filling Papa's Shoes

Working at the craft table -so proud of my work:)

Drawing with magnets

Just hanging out - stuffed animals have become a favorite toy at our house - great for wrestling, fighting, cooking for and sometimes just snuggling

This is what happens when Mommy turns her back for too long!