Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Activities

October has been filled with many fun outdoor activities for our family as we enjoy the beautiful fall weather!
Grantham joined a soccer team - he learned a ton about good sportsmanship and being a tough young man. It was fun to watch him at practice as he became the team encourager - cheering on all his teammates. He played with all his heart (often in 100 degrees, red faced, and drenched in sweat); this little boy never stopped, he practiced as hard as he played the games. While he never scored a goal, he assisted many points (a huge success for a four year old). passing the ball to a teammate

Climbing trees TOGETHER - these boys love to do activities together

Grantham in a climbing tree in our backyard

A proud boy - climbing a tree all by himself - when we were fixing the backyard in our new house we wanted to cut down this tree but Grantham convinced John and I to save it so that he could enjoy it! It has proved to fill many hours for both boys.


Halloween - Grantham wanted us to go as characters from Peter Pan. Grantham-Peter Pan, Isaac - Lost boy, John - Captain Hook, me - Tinker bell I don't know how many more Halloweens Grantham will want to dress up together. We are enjoying his excitment!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Isaac's first birthday September

I am embarrassed by how long it has been since I posted something worth while. But I am determined to get back in the habit! I love looking back and reflecting (also it is great so that I can keep up with our family albums too). Here is Isaac's birthday party - small, family party with egg/diary/nut FREE cake.
A train cakeBlowing out the candles with big brother and MommyIsaac did not love the cake but he ate every marshmallow and wanted more.trying the cake- more like smashing it between his fingers
His favorite gift (a huge box of balloons) This little boy is growing up WAY TOO FAST! He is such a delight. At one Isaac is not talking very much - he kind of says "brrrr" (brother), "baaa" for ball and balloon, "mmmm" for Mom. He enjoys playing by himself and can often be found by himself in the playroom drumming on Grantham's drum set, throwing around ballls, or playing in the pretend kitchen. He is such a content child who makes the whole world smile with him. If he is crying, you know he is hurting. He likes to "pretend" to share (handing an object to you and then reaching for it after just a few seconds have passed). He loves to eat Chickfila french fries and Tyson chicken nuggets. It is not uncommon for him to finish a large fry by himself. While Isaac is still very allergic to eggs, diary and nuts, our family has adjusted our diet and found many foods we can all enjoy together at meal times. Music continues to be enjoyed at our house - Isaac loves to dance and hum along with any music that is playing or being sung. He will point at Elmo (knowing he is related to the sesame street song) and start to wiggle his bottom. I love to watch my two boys interact whether it is sharing trains and teddy bears or wrestling Daddy on the floor.