Tuesday, April 28, 2009


We are learning not to take good health for granted. Our family just spent the last three days in the hospital trying to figure out why Grantham is sick (high temp, high white blood count, enlarged tonsils). Needless to say we were sent home with NO answers and a child who is still sick. We will post more as we know more but the doctors are stumped (including the Daddy doctor). They sent us home because they don't know what else to do to help him at this time and we felt that we could handle the "symptoms" just as well at home as the hospital (plus we get to sleep a little better without nurses constantly waking us up). We have another check-up with the pediatrican tomorrow. We will let you know as we know.

Anyway despite an exhausting and confusing long weekend, Grantham made the best of the situation. The child amazes me. He never complained and only cried in anticipation of the pain to come. Everyone was so complementary of him (a great way to make a mother proud even in a bad situation). Here are a few pictures we took of Grantham making the most of our stay at the hospital.