Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Construction Workers - Hard at Work and Play

Who could resist these adorable guys? Like all houses, it is a never ending fix-up job. Today John and Grantham were working on replacing parts of the sink that had a terrible odor that I could handle NO MORE:) My mom took these too cute pictures of Grantham "helping" his papa.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Family Christmas Cruise

My parents decided to try something different for Christmas this year. Instead of exchanging gifts, we would all go on a family vacation together. I loved the idea but when I found out we were going on a cruise I had a lot of apprehensions. If you have never cruised, you are in VERY tight sleeping quarters and the cruise focus is not on families with children. I was pleasantly surprised. Grantham had a great time and even did well at the formal dinners in the evenings. The pictures below are just a few of from each day:

Day 1 Leaving the port of New Orleans

our boat and our room

Day 2 A day at sea
Towel animals were a big hit but the mints on the pillow made his night (notice in his hand)

A Formal Dinner

Day 3 A rainy beach day in Costa Maya

You would never guess that it was rainy and cold on this first day at the beach. Grantham had so much fun playing in the sand and wading in the cold water.
Uncle Chip had a blast burying Grantham in the sand!

Day 4 Exploring the Waterfalls in Guatamala

Grantham's first swim in a waterfall. He and his papa loved exploring the rocky terrain.

Day 5 A stop in Beize City - We took a day to relax on the boat while Papa zip lined throught the jungle.

That night after dinner we went to a "club" on the ship to enjoy the music. Grantham was so interested in the drums behind the singers that they invited him to play with them!

This became a regular event each evening!

Day 6 Another beach day in Cozumel



Playing in the Sand

Strawberry Daquiries

Pina Coladas

Pina Coladas

And YES More Pina Coladas.

Grantham loved Virgin drinks!!!

Day 7 Another day at sea

Wait to see what I have in store for my Uncle Josh :)

Told you, "wait and see" now he is all wet

Two very wet boys trade hats

A water slide on the boat who could ask for more

Here come Papa and I

Day 8 Leaving the boat (how did it end so soon?)

The "watching" elevators - Since there were 13 levels on the boat we took the elevators a lot to get around. Grantham was parcel to the elevators that allowed you to see what other people were doing on the boat. Hince the "watching" elevators.