Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Just Because

Grantham looks like his mommy but his personality is all his papa. Here are some cute pictures just because they make me smile and realize how blessed we are!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Imaginary Play

Today was the first day that I sat back and really watched Grantham create his own “game.” He has mimicked activities that John and I do (kitchen, talking to teddy bears, vacuuming, building train tracks). He has even had imaginary friends for over a year now (it use to be Bob and he would always ask us where he was; now it is the wolves who are sometimes bad and sometimes good when they visit). But I had to smile when I watched Grantham, without any interaction from me, create a track for his “inside” bike, put on a helmet and race to the end of the road. I made the mistake of being the typical adult and told him that I didn’t think his bike would fit on the track, maybe he should instead try his Thomas the train. Time to prove Mommy wrong: Grantham quickly placed his back tire on the track and looked at me like what do you mean it won’t work. These are a few quick pictures I was able to take before the destruction started (if you do not have boys just wait- there is a time for every thing BUT destruction must end all great activities).
The construction
Imaginary Play
The Destruction