Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Weekend

John was off for Memorial Day weekend and he has been wanting to visit Vicksburg before we move, so off we headed on Monday. Below are a few of the pictures we were able to take during our day. It was a great day to learn about some of our history and spend quality family time together!The boys and I infront of one of the many memorials to the men who died here!Grantham was fascinated by everything. I don't think he really understood it all but it was a start. Cute story: We live across the street from an older couple. The husband fought in Korea. He has told us a few stories about the war. Grantham kept asking "Did Mr. Kenneth carry a sword?" "no" "Did he have a gun with a sword on the end of it?" we kept trying to explain that the Civil War was a long time ago and Mr. Kenneth's great-grandfather might have fought in the Vicksburg Battle but Mr. Kenneth was not old enough. Grantham just didn't get it. Mr. Kenneth is the oldest person he knows . . . how could anyone be older? two beautiful boys in front of Cairo - a Civil War boat they have pulled out of the river and partially reconstructed
John and Grantham with one of the MANY cannons we saw on our trip Grantham posing on a cannon with his union cap on! We had a GREAT day; I am glad John got to check off one activity on his "to do" list.