Monday, May 30, 2011

Random happenings in May

Just some random pictures of the Pulcini's activities in May:

Brotherly Love
Grantham enjoys helping in the yard, especially when demolition is involved.
This is more Isaac's idea of helping
Every morning the boys watch their Daddy (Papa) leave for work: two honks and a wave "goodbye"
I have no clue what caught their eye while they waited to wave goodbye to their dad - must have been interesting to catch both their attentions.
A favorite game of Grantham's that he has now introduced to Isaac - being pulled around in a blanket by John - thank goodness for hardwood floors, when this game was first introduced John had to pull Grantham around on the carpet (Don't think that would be happening with two)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grantham's K4 Graduation

Grantham had a great experience in K4. His teacher said that he loved to help her in the classroom, was super smart and was always ready with an answer. From home we watched Grantham grow and learn how to be a friend, especially to children who needed extra help, develop impressive math skills and begin sounding out words. Watching Grantham "graduate" was bitter sweet. Next year he will go to Kindergarten and be gone five days a week. He is ready academically but Mommy is not ready to see him go! Waiting his turn to receive his "diploma."
Showing off his diploma to one of his classmates.

Singing a song about being ready to go off to Kindergarten. Grantham singing and doing motions was a huge improvement over the beginning of the year when he would hardly make eye contact during the assemblies.

Two wonderful teachers who helped Grantham to shine!

Monday, May 23, 2011

We are having a . . .

After a roller coaster of a first trimester, we found out today that we are having a GIRL! Grantham has been wanting a sister, so we were so excited to share the news with him and now all of you! I will add a few pictures to this post at a later date. But we couldn't wait to share the fun and exciting news.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Strawberries Everywhere

I really enjoy picking strawberries with the boys each year. This year the kids were a great help both eating and picking:) The following are just a few fun pictures we took:

Grantham showing off how big the strawberries are that he is picking.

Isaac helping out.

Daddy was even able to come and help.

Eating OR Picking???

Isaac showing off the "left-overs" of his strawberry

From the mess on Isaac's face you can probably tell that he ate as many as he picked. We actually caught him taking the strawberries out of our containers, eating a bite and then throwing them back into the strawberry plants (hiding the evidence).